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VO Talent Directing (2022)

Over one intensive month, Alexander is the VO Director & Coach for an important recording project. He takes care of the Talent, vocally and psychologically, providing tips and direction on pronunciation, focus, relaxation & breathing, as well as supervising consistency in the scripts throughout the project.


Just Eat

Role-Play (2022)

Alexander provided support to the company with the training of their Senior Managers. He facilitated a number of simulations of difficult meetings with a Junior Manager that he would interpret for them.



Role-Play (2021)

Alexander provided support by facilitating sessions and running simulations of meetings with managers, interpreting one of their employees. Click here to read Rose Russell's testimonial on Alexander's work.


JTI Vincitori

Role-Play (2021)

Alexander facilitated feedback sessions and ran simulations of meetings where managers had the very difficult task of breaking through the brave face of their highly performing but struggling team member, impersonated by Alexander.


PwC Digital Accelerators

Role-Play (2019)

Alexander, as part of a team of 30 actors and within the Digital Accelerators Programme, helped the company training their staff in simulations of group meetings and pitches with clients who would challenge them in various ways, specifically regarding technology. 


Lloyd's Banking Group

Role-Play Corporate Video (2018)

This shooting featured Alexander and three more actors, in the shoes of Lloyd's employees having an informal meeting to discuss some doubts and worries on the new training scheme programme they have been put on by their managers. This involved two scenes, including one where Alexander would be expressing his inner thoughts to the camera/viewer.


Leo Pharma

Role-Play Training Video (2017)

With the help of Autocue, Alexander interpreted a representative from this company at a meeting with an orthodontist (another actor), discussing some new research studies that revealed how LEO's new drug could change the life of many people affected by psoriasis. The scene was shot and used internally by LEO for training purposes. Click here to read Julie Coppola's feedback on Alexander's work.



Role Play (2017)

Alexander supported the company by impersonating an employee who needed help on his customer relations and also had issues with his manager. Support group offered by Interactive LS Ltd. Click here to read Russell Watter's feedback regarding Alexander's work.



Role Play (2016)

Alexander helped the company training their team in simulations of different scenarios where they were meeting a doctor to discuss their treatments and innovative products such as InvisAlign.

Strut with Stella poster.jpg

Strut with Stella

Public Speaking, Confidence and Drama coach (2017)

Great workshop series in different formats, hosted by Actress and Performer Stella Pecollo, focussed on Self Confidence, Body Awereness and Public Speaking.

Also check Alexander's experience and training as a professional actor by clicking on the image above.


Emedica GP Courses

Role-Play Training for Doctors (2020)

In this ongoing course, Alexander plays different case-patients for the doctors in GP Stage 3 Training, then providing specific feedback on how to improve. Facilitating group sessions is also necessary for this.

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