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Theatre is Healing.

“Art must initiate change within us. The audience is witness and the stage shows the truth.

I want them to go home after, either moved or in deep thought.”


Sarah is sick and tired of making choices. All her life has been an endless struggle, due to a health condition and many sacrifices. Will Gab be able to help her with taking the hardest decision of all, even though she doesn't even know him?

Or does she?

Selected at S.P.O.T. One Act Festival, NYC 2022

Preview: NDT Broadgate Scratch Night, May 2022

Something is very wrong with Mohamed, he can’t move nor hear anything. He knows he's gay and Muslim, and he tries to remember what happened to him, recalling memories of his ex lover, who called him ‘mental’, and of his deaf brother, using BSL. The audience also learn from a funny otherworldly being that something happened to them as well.

Sponsored by London Friend

Supported by: Peter Tatchell Foundation,

Deaf Rainbow UK and Pink Therapy

Premiere: The Space, London, 2nd - 4th Sept 2022

Barcelona Premiere: Tinta Roja, 14th April 2024


Seven short blasts

(Sette squilli brevi e uno lungo)

Maestro Antimo Magnotta is a survivor of the 2012 Costa Concordia shipwreck. After suffering from PTSD, he eventually finds it in himself to go back and play, turning the pain into art. From the music he composes, the memory of that journey comes to life again, in front of his very eyes and those of the audience of this semi-immersive play, transforming the room into one of the halls of the ship itself and showing true stories he witnessed, ranging from crass to poetic, and from hysterical to tragic.

Preview: The Cambria, London, June 2018

Premiere: Fidelio Cafe, London, January 2020

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