Role-Play Simulations

Business simulations and training

Train your employees in Sales or confrontations with a Role-Play simulation. Given a scenario and the roles being assigned, the simulated meeting takes place. Finally, receive feedback on the candidate's strong points, weaknesses and tricks that can be used to avoid and dissimulate stress and improve empathy.


The steps:

1. Present the company and the goal

2. Identify the situation, in detail

3. Assign roles

4. Act out the scenario

5. Feed the candidate back

6. Report to the company

Some Previous Clients:

- AlignTech for InvisAlign

- Lush UK

- LEO Pharma

- Lloyd's Bank

- PwC

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Public Speaking & Communication Skills

Confidence, technique, tricks

Train yourself or your staff in the best techniques to communicate with a big audience.


- How to make yourself heard

- How to sound confident and also how to be confident

- How to avoid and dissimulate stress

- How to stand or sit and what to do with your hands and body


Guided Visualisations, tricks, technique, practical exercises, practice, simulations.

Some Previous Experience:

- Extensive acting experience in Theatre and on Film

- Strut with Stella Public Speaking & Confidence workshops

- Strasberg Intimacy & Strasberg Campus Confidence classes

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At ILS we use a lot of actors for corporate role play and forum theatre based workshops, Alexander exceeded our expectations when working with us. He is talented, professional and a pleasure to work with. Additionally his background as an acting coach ensures that he more than delivers when working as part of a team, providing real leadership and insight to those around him.

   (Russell Watters, Interactive LS Ltd)

It was a pleasure to work with Alexander filming Pharmaceutical Role Plays for training purposes. His professional approach and preparation ensured that the filming session went smoothly and in one take for both videos.

He is proficient in reading autocue and made it look very natural. I would recommend Alexander and he would be the first port of call for future work.

   (Julie Coppola, Sales InterAction Ltd)

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