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ALEXANDER ANANASSO is a British-Italian award-winning actor and VoiceOver artist based in London, UK. Winner of Best Actor at the Oniros Film Awards and the Best Actor Award New York.


Member of Equity, IMDb and Spotlight, he has training and experience in theatre, cinema and dubbing. In addition to his two mother-tongues, he speaks fluent Spanish. He is also a BADC Advanced Actor Combatant.

He trained at two major Drama schools in Rome: Teatro Azione and Free Mistake Project.

He has worked with great directors such as Guy Richie, Matthew Vaughn, Francesca Viscardi Leonetti, Aurelio Laino, Alessio Rupalti, Riccardo Tamburini, Mauro Scarpa and Danilo Canzanella.


After a very deep work on the character of Nick, Alexander performs in Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? in 2011. This performance earned him an MFA Award as Revelation of the Season and an MFA Nomination as Best Actor. This work will launch his career as an actor.

In 2012, he’s part of the very funny trio protagonist of #TRIS, a successful Italian web-series. This is also the year of his debut as a director and writer, with the short movie Off Head.

In 2013, he is Lorenzo in Looking for something else, the powerful drama winner of 15 awards around the world, and a futuristic guard in Guy Richie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. This latest role initiates his move to London.

Here he becomes an Actor Combatant, a VoiceOver Artist and an active member of Equity and the Actors Centre.

In 2016, Alexander works with Matthew Vaughn on the set of Kingsman: the Golden Circle, and also becomes the star of the feature film A dancing Jellyfish, screened at the Tallin 'Dark Nights' industry festival in 2017. He also co-stars in Stars and Bones, a lovely metaphorical futuristic short movie about dreams and disabilities, that was nominated and finalist for two awards.

From 2017 - 2019, Alexander works as a producer and theatre actor again, with the rehearsed reading of the Brexit play Kensington Gardens, winner of the Hystrio Award, and with the beautiful Seven short blasts, an immersive perfomance about and with Antimo Magnotta, the pianist who survived the sinking of the Costa Concordia in 2012 in Italy.

2020 sees his debut on British Television as he plays Anton in the Channel4 drama Adult Material, opposite BAFTA-nominated Hayley Squires, Rupert Everett and Game of Thrones star Joe Dempsie.

Alexander also plays William Shakespeare himself in the very successful one-man show A cup of tea with Shakespeare, by Laura Pasetti and Charioteer Theatre, touring in Italy and acting in both English and Italian, interpreting over 11 monologues from the Bard.


He plays the lead in the dramatic short movie Call me when you're dead, for which he receives 2 awards and 4 nominations for Best Actor. He is also the lead in the LGBT-themed feature film A Dice with 5 Sides. 

In 2022, he works as VO Talent Director for Apple and as a VO Narrator for Disney Classics Audiobooks.

He's co-lead in the beautiful LGBT romantic comedy that will be out in 2024: Love, Venezia, directed by Steve Balderson.

ALEXANDER ANANASSO is an acting coach running courses in London, UK and Rome, Italy. He is also a theatre director and a contemporary playwright.

Member of Equity, IMDb and Spotlight, he has training and experience in theatre, cinema and dubbing. In addition to his two mother-tongues, he speaks fluent Spanish. He is also a BADC Advanced Actor Combatant.

After having trained with coach Francesca Viscardi Leonetti, Susan Batson's former PA, for two intense years in Rome, Alexander is told he could be a coach himself, due to his intuition, sensitivity and acting techniques. He appreciates this comment but puts it aside for a while, as he wants to  focus on his acting and gain experience. He does help his friends with their auditions and self-tapes in the meantime, giving them coaching and feedback.


After having worked for about ten years, from fringe shows to the big screen of Hollywood movies, he notices his favourite acting method is not being taught much in the acting scene in London. Alexander realises he has a unique training and background that he could pass on, and thinks it's time to put this other skill into practice.

He decides to launch a weekly training here, in London, where actors can experience some of the best exercises from Method coaches.

The course takes off quickly and Alexander is now one of the youngest acting coaches in Europe to train and coach every week both big names and beginners. The training structure then becomes more consistent and requires more commitment.

So, in January 2019, Alexander founds the Method Campus, the first Drama School with a central focus on Method Acting and the Actor's Intimacy Training (AIT). The school grows steadily and more and more actors enrol every term.

Since 2016 Alexander also holds Public Speaking workshops and works as a Role-Play actor for companies wanting to train or test their employees.

After a further development in his approach in 2020, Alexander takes courses in Theatre of the Oppressed and Dramatherapy. He realises that everything he is has to do with Healing. Hence why, his coaching style becomes even more holistic and its core are now both acting training and personal development.

2020 also brings Alexander to develop his playwriting talent: his first short play, Deliverance, is selected at the S.P.O.T. One Act Festival NYC in June 2022. He then directs the London production of it in August, and in September he directs and performs his solo show, A God Who Can Speak.

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