Strasberg Intimacy UK

Weekly advanced training in London (ending in 2018)


At each session, it will be possible to get coaching and feedback on a monologue/scene or to work on an Intimacy exercise, such as the Private Moment. You will also learn how to do Script Analysis, what are and how to use the Story Arc, Emotional Memory, the Need/Action/Tragic Flaw Triangulation, Substitutions (or Particularisations), and much more.

This training is perfect for the working actor who wants to refine their technique or would like to get coaching and feedback on their piece for that audition coming up. It is also great for beginners who would like to dive in to Method Acting.

After the training, students will have learnt the importance of being assertive, truthful, vulnerable and private in public; the skill of timing onstage and how to capture the audience's attention; how to make any audition unique and tailored to who you are; the long-lasting ability to know and work on yourself, choosing what to bring and what not to bring in to your own career; the most powerful skill to open/close your Need (your "emotion instrument") at will.


The Intimacy Training includes the follwing exercises or "steps":

  • Private Moment

  • Celebration

  • Phone Call

  • Lost & Found

  • The Animal

  • Place of Defeat


Other unique exercises and skills we teach:

  • The Four Walls, or the Circle of Protection

  • The Two Walls (Susan Batson's)

  • Interview to the Character (basic & advanced)

  • Improvisations

  • Act for the Camera (click to learn more)

  • Sight-reading

______________________WHEN & WHERE

The sessions are 2 hours long, every Wednesday at 5 pm.

The venue is Theatre Deli (Liverpool Street).

Strasberg Intimacy will end in December 2018 with the opening of Strasberg Campus in February 2019 (registration now open)!

_________________________HOW (MUCH)

The subscription bundles available are:

  • 4-Week training (Training Taster) - £85: With this bundle you'll be able to work on anything listed on the left-hand side of this page: you'll start understanding how the training works and will get good results out of it.

  • 8-Week training (Basic Training) - £135: same as above: this bundle will take you to another level as an actor, delving deeper into the training.

  • 12-Week training (Advanced Training) - £215: same as above: by the end of this training bundle you definitely will be very skillful and able to master your "emotion instrument".

  • Drop-in / 1 session (subject to availability) - £25: with this option you can get coaching for scenes/monologues or work on your Character’s Intimacy.

  • Drop-in / 1 session (for two people) - £30 (£15pp): You can work on a scene together, get coaching and work on the script analysis.

  • Private Coaching - £40 per hour: bespoke coaching can be discussed depending on your individual requirements. Times/place: TBD. This can also be shared between two people.

We have limited availability, so do contact us swiftly!

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Videos & Testimonials

Alexander is wonderful: a wonderful person and a wonderful coach.

(Susan Batson, Acting Coach, Lee Strasberg's former PA)

It was great to jump into Strasberg again - I've realised from what you were teaching that we covered quite a fair amount of Strasberg at my training in NY and I really didn't know! I had never done a character's Private Moment before, and it truly was a useful exercise as I explore my character deeper.

I found the environment immediately very open and inspired, so I felt like I could just dive in without judgement from the group. Very reassuring space and a great place to work and develop in, so thank you for this!

I loved the feedback sessions - it was a truly edifying experience in which we could share and develop as a group. 

(Tamara Laryea, Strasberg Actress)

You could do this.

(Francesca Viscardi Leonetti, Acting Coach, Susan Batson's former PA)

Working with Alexander is always great fun. His proficiency is supported by a bubbly personality, great reliability and a wide range of skills and knowledge in regards to his field. When in need of acting tips or support for any creative task, I always know who to call.

(Martina Serra, Performer)

I’m loving this Strasberg journey, sometimes it’s hard but it’s definitely a great emotion when you actually get to something, and it’s also good to fail ‘cause that’s how we grow.
I’m grateful to be here and to have the chance to become a better artist and a better person.

(Eleonora Cucciarelli, Strasberg Actress and Performer)

I’m making beautiful discoveries about myself every time, I feel it’s really working for me, I’m becoming a better actor each day. It’s difficult, but that’s what I wanted: Alexander is here to challenge you, it’s so much fun and it’s very rewarding.

(Alex Marchi, Strasebrg Actor)

I want to say thank you to all of you guys, and especially Alexander, who really helped me a lot in his sessions. At the beginning I didn’t know much of this world, that’s why I’m really grateful to have met all of you guys. I’m really happy to be doing this journey with you.

(Giovanni Li Gotti, LSDA Actor Student)


"Very nice first experience with Alexander Ananasso. Lovely atmosphere, great coaching, learned a lot today. Thank you!"

(Kata Sarbò, Strasberg Actress)

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How long do I have for myself to work at each session?

You are dedicated about half an hour, including preparation, performance and feedback.

Can I choose what Intimacy work or monologue to work on?

Yes, you can choose whether to use your allocated spot to work on a scene you have or on an Intimacy exercise (or "step"), or you can do both if there is time. In any case, you will be developing your acting skills and your character.

I don't have a monologue/scene to work on, can I still take part?

Yes, you can either work on the Actor's or Character's Intimacy, or you can ask to be given a scene to work on if you contact us in advance.

Planning your training over 4, 8 or 12 weeks, and more.

Right after you book your package, we'll be in touch to plan you training. We'll discuss with you your preferences and the best way forward to improve your skills, depending on what you need, your level and your goals. We'll also explain how to prepare for your Private Moment or Intimacy step. Our goal is always to make you a better actor, more subtle and specific, to help you find your authenticity and uniqueness and the potential for a long-run career.

The next session is full, is there a waiting list?

Yes, you can ask to be put in to our waiting list for each weekly session, and in case anyone can't attend, we'll contact you to get you in.

What if I can't attend a session? Can I recover it another time?

We are pretty flexible as this training is aimed at professional actors first of all. When you contact us we'll confirm the available dates and your attendance. We do recommend to try and attend all the sessions in a row if possible; however, should a casting, a job or anything else arise and you can't make it to training, we need to know at least 48 hours before the session time: in that case you will be able to take advantage of that session another time. If you let us know after this timeframe and there is a waiting list, we'll still do our best to let you recover the session later, but we can't guarantee we'll be able to do it.

Is the fee refundable?

Yes, if you change your mind and contact us at least 48 hours before your first session, we'll refund your fee. We are not able to refund the fee after this timeframe (unless of course there is a problem with the session on our side).

What if a session is cancelled?

If we have to cancel a session on your schedule for any reason, you'll be able to recover that session another time. If you can't make any other date, we will refund you that missed session.

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