Act for the Camera

& Self-Tape Workout
Alexander Ananasso acting on film set of Il ballo delle meduse - A dancing jellyfish with the crew, boom opeator, director and cinematographer

Learn all the techniques required for screen acting. Alexander has appeared in several feature and short films, both for cinemas and independent projects; he will be able to guide you with the following:

Where to look, what to do, when to talk

Relationship with the Camera

How different shot categories affect how you should use your voice and body

What's the best way of shooting and editing a self-tape audition

The amazing skill of Sight-reading

Emotion & voice VS body acting

How to use a camera or smartphone to shoot your own film

The Emotional Arc or Story Arc

Script Analysis

Working on a film set

The three interlinked professions: Acting, Directing & Writing

You can bring your showreel scene or audition script to work on if you like, or you can simply come along and learn all about screen acting.

You can also take advantage of Alexander's coaching and experience with the camera to actually shoot your scene or audition piece in class: whatever you'll be working on, we'll send you the clips via email afterwards, so that you can take a look and check your improvement over time!

Sessions currently happen every Wednesday at 6 pm for 2 - 3 hours, in London Southwark or Broadgate.

The subscription bundles available are the same appearing on our Strasberg Intimacy course:

4 weekly sessions

8 weekly sessions

12 weekly sessions

Drop-in / 1 session (subject to availability)

Private Coaching